Five Peaks Mountain from Shanti Tea

Tea Type: Green Tea

Where To Buy: Shanti Tea

Product Description:

Fresh, fruity flavor and sweet aftertaste, a popular everyday tea.

This green tea is from the Five Peaks Mountain in Shandong province, China, famous for its lush green hills and pristine water. Known for its fresh, fruity flavor and sweet aftertaste, this China Green is a popular everyday tea. Green teas can be steeped several times with increasingly warmer water.

Tasters Review:

I would love to go see this “Five Peaks Mountain” some day…but for now I will have to live life vicariously thru this tea.  And what a good green tea it is!

The first time I had this it smelled and tasted like broccoli…but the aftertaste is wonderfully sweet and semi fruity as the description states.  The very first time I tried this I determined that this was a pretty good tea!

The 2nd time I tried this tea I picked up on a few additional notes…

I under infused it a little and thought it was even more lovely!

It was vegetal but more sweet than vegetal.  It was slightly fruity on to the aftertaste which I thought was a nice touch!

It’s always nice to be 2 for 2 on a tea…this one didn’t disappoint!


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