Tangerine Blossom Red Tea from Shang Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Shang Tea

Product Description:

Ingredients: Organic White tea leaves, tangerine flowers petals

Made from fermented white tea leaves and tangy tangerine blossoms added towards the end of the fermentation process. A pleasant, citrus flavor complements the deeper nutty Red Tea base.

Taster’s Review:

This tea may be a little confusing to someone who may not know a lot about tea.  I know it confused me for a while, and I’d like to think that I know quite a bit about the subject.  It isn’t the tea itself, or the flavor of the tea that is perplexing, but, the wording used in the description provided about the tea.

What some may not know is that what we refer to as “black tea” here in the United States (and other parts of the world) is called “red tea” in China.  “Red tea” here in the United States is often another term used for the South African herb, rooibos.  And because the ingredients on this particular tea say “white tea” rather than “black” (or even “red”) tea, it can be a little confusing as to which tea we are actually dealing with here.

So, let me set it straight.  This is a black tea.  But I don’t recommend steeping it the same way you might steep a black tea.  I brewed this according to the package directions, which is bringing the water to a boil, allowing the water to cool for one minute, and then steeping the tea for 1 – 2 minutes (I steeped it for 2 and was quite happy with the results).

OK… now that we know what kind of tea I’m drinking, let me tell you, this really is GOOD.  The tangerine flavor is sweet, juicy and delicious without being overwhelming.  It doesn’t taste like it was over-done.  It has a lightness to it while still being a strong flavor.

The black tea is in good balance with the citrus fruit.  It has a clean, bright flavor that is brisk but not overwhelmingly bold.  It tastes… like a white black tea… if that makes sense!  You know how white tea is a little softer, more delicate, and crisper in flavor than oxidized tea?  This is a black tea that has those same white tea attributes.  Somewhat soft, delicate and crisp in taste.  It tastes like the offspring of a union between black and white teas.

This really is a fantastic tea, and one that I’d highly recommend to other tea enthusiasts.  It is great for a second infusion too.  I recommend steeping at the same temperature – boiling water that has cooled for 1 minute.  Add an extra minute onto the steeping time – and you’ll have a delightful cup of tea!

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