Puer Tuocha (Xiao Tuo Cha) from Tao of Tea

Tea Type: Pu-erh

Where To Buy: The Tao of Tea

Product Description:

Mini Puer Tuocha has a characteristic full-bodied and earthy flavor. Can endure long steeping times without gaining any astringency and can be re-infused at least three times.

Tasters Review:

I had a rough start with my Pu-erh journey.  I have finally determined it wasn’t necessarily that I wasn’t a Pu-erh Fan, per say, it’s more like I am a bit more finicky with my pu-erh personal tastes, I guess you could say.

Having said that…one company that has really impressed me with their pu-erh’s overall has been Tao of Tea.  With this specific selection from them I decided to try an infusion test.  Below are my findings:

1st infusion…2 mins
This was a Lighter Brown in color and the aroma isn’t as wormy/fishy as most pu-erhs and I am very happy about that!  The taste is VERY velvety and smooth and lighter tasting with slightly earthy yet honey and cocoa type flavors mixed in.  1st infusion rating based on personal tastes 95 – I really liked the taste of this one on the first infusion.

2nd infusion…3 minutes
I found it to be much darker in color and a bit more earthy/wormy in aroma but the taste is a hint sweeter and still quite velvety and smooth.  I would say 90 or more for rating on this one…based on my personal tastes.

I’d hated to give up on this one because I KNEW this would be good for more than 3 infusions!   It wasn’t  slowing down anytime soon!

3rd infusion…4 minutes….
This infusion was even darker than the first two! It smelled earthy but not wormy at all.  It was a bit sweeter than the last infusion but there is a ricey-type taste hiding underneath this time.  It’s interesting…the aftertaste is a little nutty but malty and more black tea/bold tasting.  Personal rating on this infusion about an 88-89 – still quite good!

4th infusion…4 minutes…
I could go on with more infusions with this one but have more tea from this great company to try so I will call it quits with this one…

This infusion is just as dark as the 3rd infusion…it smells like black tea with a hay-like aroma as well with a more woodsy-taste as well as being more malty.  I thought it was less sweet but still velvety.

I would still say upper 80’s even with it being the 4th infusion!
This is a very Sturdy Tuocha from The Tao of Tea!

Tao of Tea put a lot of thought in their Pu-erhs!  The quality is good and they have been known to break Pu-erh stereotypes – at least in my book they have!  If you have had some trials and tribulations with Pu-erhs in the past…give it another try and sample some of Tao of Tea’s Pu-erhs!  Experiment with them!  You just may find the right ones that will work for you!

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