Organic Green Tea Ginseng Mate from Mate Factor

Tea Type: Green Tea/ Yerba Mate Blend

Where To Buy: Mate Factor

Product Description:

Organic Green Tea Ginseng Mate Tea-Bags
with Echinacea

100% Organic Ingredients:

Our Green Tea Ginseng tea box contains 20 large tea bags. All of our teabags contain 3 grams of tea, DOUBLE the size of most teabags on the market, so you can enjoy more of the flavor, nutrition, and energizing effects of Yerba Mate!

American Ginseng root, Fresh Green Yerba Mate, Premium Japanese Sencha Green Tea, Echinacea Angustifolia Root and Echinacea Purpurea leaf.

Our most powerful tea ever.
One taste will enlighten you to the delicate but powerful blend of this tea.

Tasters Review:

Organic Green Tea Ginseng Mate smells like socks!  Yet…I’m giving it between an 80 and an 81 on my personal tea tasting scale!  How can I rate something that high that I think smells like socks, you ask…keep reading!!!

FIRST…You know me!   I have too look things up!  I should really buy stock in Google AND Wikipedia!  When I first saw the ingredients I wanted to learn more about the root and leaf they used in this!

Here is the specific root that this has in it
And here’s the leaf

This is quite good…much better than I anticipated, actually!  I don’t know why I waited so long to try it!  The Ginseng with the Echinacea as 2nd and 3rd’s to the Yerba mate was genius!  The Yerba Mate toned down how medicine-E everything else tasted and it works out pretty well!  This DOES have a very pleasant taste!

And it’s good FOR you!!!


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