Rooibos Rainbow from Georgia Tea Company

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos

Where to Buy:  Georgia Tea Company

Product Description:

Fruity with sweet notes, a secret flavoring gives this Rooibos a sweet amaretto like taste.

Caffeine free.

Taster’s Review:

I love the flavor of amaretto.  Well, actually, I’ve never actually tasted amaretto liqueur (at least not to my knowledge), but what I have tasted was an amaretto flavored sugar that was sent to me by a friend some years ago.  It quickly became one of my favorite sweeteners, and I used it to sweeten (and flavor) many cups of tea.  I loved the delicate, sweet taste of almond and the hint of apricot and how well they complimented my favorite teas.  Since that time, I’ve tried – and enjoyed! – a few amaretto teas whenever I could find them.

So I was very happy when I received this rooibos blend.  The delicious almond flavor mixes well with the naturally nutty flavor of the rooibos.  But fortunately, the nutty flavor is the only flavor that I get from the rooibos – it doesn’t taste very woody, nor does the amaretto taste very much like a liqueur (that is, it doesn’t taste like alcohol).   The flavor is sweet and nutty, with a lovely apricot like flavor in the distance.

This tisane is tasty hot, and I suspect it is equally as tasty iced (or perhaps even better) – but for a real treat, I recommend making yourself a latte with this tisane!  Brew it extra strong (double the amount of dry leaf when you steep it) and add some steamed, frothed milk.  Sweet, creamy goodness!  YUM!

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