No. 6 Black Cap from Steven Smith Teamaker

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:   Steven Smith Teamaker; 1626 NW Thurman Street; Portland, Oregon  (This ready to drink tea is not available from their website)

Product Description:

Black Tea steeped in water that has been infused with blackberries – a process we call “fruitsmithing.”

Ingredients: filtered water infused with hand-picked blackberries, black teas from Ceylon & India, Raw Cane Sugar, Blackberry Juice, Natural Flavors & Lemon Juice.

Taster’s Review:

This is so good!

I was able to talk my husband into taking me to Steven Smith’s tea shop in Portland, OR (not an easy feat since he thinks I have way too much tea as it is and I needn’t go shopping for more).  But he was in a good mood (the Steelers had just won a game) so I was able to get him to promise to take me to the shop!

I am glad that I visited.  I had ordered from Steven Smith’s website before, but I hadn’t been to their shop.  It is a beautiful shop; very elegant and understated.  Amy assisted me, and she offered me tastings of each of the three Ready-to-Drink (RTD) teas that they prepare.   Based upon that tasting, I chose to purchase this tea.

Amy described the process of making these teas: First, the filtered water is infused with the fruit, and then, they use that infused fruit water to steep the tea. The sweetening is very light here, the fruit provides most of the sweetening to it. No preservatives and nothing artificial.  It’s really delicious, and the best – THE BEST – ready to drink tea I’ve ever tasted.

The black tea edges out the blackberry taste only slightly, both are pretty close to the same strength when it comes to taste.

It is a very light tasting RTD tea and I think that is what takes me by surprise the most.  It has such a clean, pure flavor to it.  It doesn’t taste overly sweet.  It doesn’t taste like a soda without the fizz. It tastes like something I would brew myself.  I like that!

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