100 Monkeys White Tea from Imperial Tea Garden

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  Imperial Tea Garden

Product Description:

100 monkeys is a premium grade, loose leaf white tea from China.
This rare and exotic white tea will leave even the most discriminating connoisseur with a smile.  You will enjoy watching as the tea leaves unfurl and return to their original state.  White tea is really a subclass of green tea, however, due to its recent acclaim, it has been given a class of its own.  The major distinction is that white tea is not mechanically processed.  Buds and select leaves are harvested and merely air dried. This minimal amount of processing can make white tea have up to three times more beneficial antioxidants than green or black tea. 100 Monkeys is our best selling white tea. Buy this rare white tea wholesale and save even more!

Taster’s Review:

This particular review I shall write over time and save it as a draft until I am satisfied with its completion.  The reason for this is that this is an extraordinarily complex white tea that needs me to spend a little more time with it.  I want to give you, the reader, the most accurate evaluation of this tea (and all other teas that I review) that I can, and sometimes that requires a little more time spent experiencing the tea.

But, I’m not complaining!  This is a lovely tea with which I’ve chosen to spend some time.

I chose to steep this tea in a gaiwan, which I think is the perfect vessel for this particular tea.  It allows me to fully explore this tea.  The leaves are tiny.  Even when fully unfurled, the leaves are much smaller than most white teas that I’ve encountered.  Young, tiny leaves and buds!

The flavor starts out with a sweet, somewhat floral/vegetable taste and develops into a stronger musty, somewhat bitter flowery taste.  This is not an unpleasant bitter taste, though.  It is a savory bitter taste that is quite unique, as I don’t think I’ve experienced this kind of bitter taste in a tea.  It is a soft bitterness that intrigues the palate and entices me to take another sip.

There are lovely hints of flower in the background.  As I make my way down to the bottom of my cup, I am finding more sweet notes introducing themselves.  This is a beautifully complex cup, indeed!

The tiny tea leaves submit to several delicious infusions, and I recommend you take full advantage of those infusions because this tea is worth every last drop you can get from it.  It is truly delightful!

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