Plum Black Tea from McNulty’s Tea & Coffee

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  McNulty’s Tea & Coffee

Product Description:

I was not able to locate a description of this tea on McNulty’s website.

Taster’s Review:

I love plums, so I was very excited to try this flavored tea from McNulty’s.  The dry leaf smells like a juicy plum!

The black tea base is a fairly mellow tasting tea with a mild astringency.  Based upon the evenness of the flavor, I would say it’s probably a Ceylon.  It is brisk and smooth.

The plum flavor doesn’t overwhelm the black tea, and I like that.  The plum is sweet with just a whisper of tartness to it.  It tastes like a fresh, plump plum that’s just been plucked off the plum tree!  (Can you say that three times fast?)

What I like best about this tea is that it tastes like tea that’s been flavored with the essence of plum.  It doesn’t taste like an overly sweet, artificially flavored drink with a hint of tea flavoring in the background.  It is delicious hot, but I think I prefer it chilled!  It is very refreshing!

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