Hong Tao Mao Feng from Drink the Leaf

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Drink the Leaf

Product Description:

Organically grown Keemun from the Anhui Province. The dry leaf is black and golden. The color of this tea is one of my favorites in our selection- like a “red peach” but with a darker amber hue. The aroma is great, but the flavor is the key to this tea. Medium to full, with caramel and honey notes,and a long finish. Enjoy this tea- a new discovery for us.

Taster’s Review:

This is an exquisite black tea from Drink the Leaf.  Such a pleasing complexity!

The dark, slender, twisted leaves produce a dark amber liquor that smells sweet with just a hint of earthiness in the background.  But as interesting as the color and the fragrance is with this tea, the product description from Drink the Leaf is right:  “the flavor is the key…”

And the flavor of this tea is remarkable!  And with that said, I must confess that I find it difficult to describe it.  There is a deep sweetness to it.  Like the description from Drink the Leaf suggests, there are notes of honey and caramel to this tea – so the sweetness is there but it isn’t cloying.

There is also a savory taste in the background that lingers in the background that tastes somewhat bitter – but again, bitter doesn’t describe it adequately.  It isn’t an off-putting bitter, it is more like the bitter taste from a grapefruit, but without the tangy citrus-y note.

This tea is very wine-like in character, with a glistening taste that is currant-like.  Sweet, tannic, and delicious.

I enjoy this tea hot or iced, but to enjoy the many complexities of this tea, you should try it hot.  It doesn’t need sweetener – it is absolutely perfect as it is!  A deliciously intriguing cuppa, one that you will want to enjoy often!

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