Si Ji Chun from Camellia Sinensis

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Camellia Sinensis

Product Description:

From the high mountains of Taiwan this green wulong offers a rich cup with a touch of nutmeg and an edge of fresh vanilla. Explosive floral nose and an echo of caramel in the aftertaste.

Taster’s Review:

An exquisite Oolong!

The aroma is intense – very sweet and floral.  It reminds me a bit of that fragrance I experience when I first walk into a florist’s shop!  It is very beautifully floral.

The tiny, tightly wound pellets unfurl slowly, offering many delicious infusions.  I recommend steeping this one in a covered gaiwan to take full advantage of the aroma and flavors this tea has to offer.

And the flavor is so delightful, you’ll want to enjoy all the infusions this tea will produce!  The flavor starts out delicate, but develops quickly and becomes more pronounced in the third and fourth infusions, once the leaves have had a chance to begin to open up and release their flavor.

The flavor has pleasant notes of flower with a faint note of vanilla in the background.  This delicious vanilla note lends a lovely sweet creaminess to the cup that is enhanced by the soft, buttery mouthfeel.  There is a nutty flavor to the cup too that IS a bit like nutmeg (just as the product description above suggests).

The layers of flavor here is very enticing.  The light floral quality lingers into the finish, where I experience just a hint of astringency.  The astringency is barely there, but, it is just enough to wipe the palate clean so that it doesn’t feel overwhelmed or heavy from the texture of the tea.

I really enjoyed this cup.  If you are an Oolong enthusiast, this is one that you should definitely add to your list!  It’s awesome!

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