Organic Dragons Well from Bird Pick Tea & Herb

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Bird Pick Tea & Herb

Product Description:

Dragon’s Well Green Tea originates from the mountains surrounding West Lake in the Zhejiang province of China. Today, this tea remains a specialty of this region. The name was given according to legend of a dragon that lived in a well near West Lake Village. It is said that it saved the village from a long drought by bringing rain. The tea has a unique appearance of smooth, flat green leaves with pointed ends – resembling that of a sparrow’s tongue.

Taster’s Review:

An excellent Dragons Well tea!

The tea is crisp and light-bodied and yet full of flavor.  It is grassy/vegetative but there is also a pleasant fruit-like flavor in the forefront that mingles deliciously with the vegetative quality.

The sip approaches the palate with a sweet, almost creamy taste.  The fruit flavor then presents itself, and it is somewhat citrus-y.  A grassy undercurrent is present throughout the sip while the taste of lightly buttered vegetables weave in and out.  The sip finishes with a light astringency with a nutty aftertaste.

I brewed this in my gaiwan and it produced four delightful infusions that way.  It is a very mild tea, one that is very enjoyable later in the afternoon when a black tea might seem too heavy.  A nice way to unwind!

Bird Pick Tea & Herb comes through with yet another high quality, delicious tea!  I’m really impressed with this company.

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