Earl Grey from Hampstead Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Hampstead Tea

Product Description:

Aromatic, smooth and sophisticated but never overpowering. We use only the true fine oil from the bergamot fruit to flavour our blend.

Fairtrade black tea, natural oil of bergamot

Taster’s Review:

I have often declared my love for Earl Grey tea, so I am sure it’s no big secret by now.   But it never ceases to amaze me at how different one Earl Grey tea can be from another.

Take this organic, fair trade Earl Grey from Hampstead Tea for example.  The black tea is brisk and strong (not unlike many other Earl Grey teas I’ve tried), and there is a smooth, malty note to this tea (again, not unlike some Earl Grey teas).  But something that does make this unlike other Earl Grey teas is that that malty note melds so well with the bergamot flavoring that it presents a somewhat creamy note.  Not like an Earl Grey creme type of creamy, but, more of a smooth, comforting creamy taste that makes it taste as though I added a splash of milk to the cup (but I didn’t!)

Hints of malt, notes of smooth, creamy texture and taste.  This is an invigorating Earl Grey that is also rather soothing.  The bergamot flavor is much juicier than a typical Earl Grey bergamot – this has not so much of the sharp floral notes (although there are some).  This Earl Grey tastes much more like an orange than an exotic fruit, although there is enough of that exotic-esque quality to this bergamot to make it an Earl Grey rather than an orange flavored black tea.

So, you’re probably thinking by now:  Just what is LiberTEAS going on about?  I seem to be talking in circles.  Basically, what it comes down to is that this is a high quality black tea blend that has been flavored with an exceptionally high quality bergamot flavoring – it doesn’t taste artificial, it doesn’t taste like perfume.  It doesn’t taste like aunt Martha’s soap.

So then, what does it taste like?  It tastes like a little bit of perfection right here in my teacup!  Hampstead Tea got this Earl Grey spot-on!

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