Snow Jewel from Lahloo

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  Lahloo

Product Description:

Snow Jewel white tea is the true queen of teas! Pure elegance! This rare wild Dai Bai silver needle tea grows high in the Fujian mountains.

♥ Downy buds plucked in the spring just before they open
♥ Exquisitely refreshing and delicate
♥ Ripe fruits- peaches, lychees, pear

Taster’s Review:

I absolutely LOVE this tea.  The aroma is amazing!  It smells sweet and fruity, somewhat floral and leafy, and reminds me of the air here in the Pacific Northwest just after it rains (which it does a lot here).

The dry leaves are fuzzy and even though they resemble spears or “needles” – they are light and fluffy.  Silvery!  And the flavor they produce when steeped is so delightful.

The flavor is delicate and sweet.  I can taste peaches!  Fresh, delicious peaches!   The taste is crisp and slightly vegetative.  Clean and invigorating!

The mere act of sipping this tea is truly a meditative process.  First, inhaling deeply to experience its sweet fragrance, and then taking a sip and allowing the flavors to develop onto the palate, all the while I can feel the stresses of the day disappear as my spirit rejuvenates.

I love this tea!  This is a tea I could drink every day and never grow weary of it.

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