Apples and Snowflakes Tea from Karma Blends

Tea Type: White Tea

Where To Buy: Karma Blends

Product Description:

Apples and Snowflakes made with White Tea

Add romance to your day with our Apples and Snowflakes. Inspired by the season of fall, just the aroma of this tea is enough to put you in another world. Flakes of white mint candy add a sweet touch. We promise you will replace your apple cider with this one!

Ingredients :- White Tea, Cloves, Mint, Apple, Mint Candy.


Tasters Review:

The White Flavored Tea is unique in EVERY WAY and I LOVE THAT!

When I saw this had chunks of mint candies in it I HAD to try it!

When I saw the textures of all the ingredients I was very curious!

THEN…when I infused this tea – I was shocked and amazed!  The color of the infused liquid is something I have never seen before! It was like a murky pink/peach/gray type color.

The aroma was a gentle mint and even gentler apple.   The taste had a nice white tea with a juicy but not tart apple and lovely mint notes.

This is so different yet so fabulous!  I really, REALLY like this!  A truly unique, fun, and tasty flavored white!  Two thumbs up for Karma Blends!

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