Golden Tips Assam from Tao of Tea

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Tao of Tea

Product Description:

Native Name: Sunehri Assam Jaat
Origin: Upper Assam, Northeast India

Plucking Season: Mid Summer

Introduction: The Golden Tips Assam is made from a distinct Camellia Assamica plant varietal growing only at a handful of estates. The leaves are withered, bruised with a rolling machine, oxidized and then over roasted. In making the Golden tips, the oxidization is slightly longer than in the case of making darker Assams. The golden tips are precious for the tea gardens as they fetch a higher premium in the market.
Flavor Profile: Smooth textured, amber red liquor with apple and pear flavors. The high volume of essential oils in the Golden Tips Assam is evident immediately after the tea is served, as a thin layer of oil quickly coats the surface of the tea giving it a self-creaming appearance. These are beneficial oils that protect the body from carcinogens and give tea its anti-aging properties.

Tasters Review:

Golden Tips Assam is another GOODY from Tao of Tea!  It’s slightly roasted and slightly chewy but not like you would expect.  More importantly it’s very (and unexpectedly) creamy!

The description says hints of apple and peach flavor…at first I could relate to the peach hints but not really the apple…I thought it was more of a date type hint.  Regardless I really enjoyed this cuppa and would suggest to anyone who loves black teas!


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