Kama Sutra Revitalising Tea from The East India Company

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: The East India Company

Product Description:

Kama Sutra tea is combination of fine black tea, sensuous blossoms and tantalising spices. Its deep aroma and strong full body brings romance in every sip.

Tasters Review:

Everyone knows TEA has a history!  With each tea company comes a story, too, but when it comes to East India Company it truly is THE Story and THE History of Tea!

It all began in 1600 for East India Company and they are wonderful at explaining EVERYTHING on their website!  If you do one thing today – make sure you visit their website and spend some time there – you won’t regret it!

As for this specific tea from The East India Company called Kama Sutra Revitalising Tea – I must say I LOVE everything about it!

The aroma is AMAZING!  I can smell the rich black tea but the comforting spices and juicy fruit flavors offer a sweet yet semi-tart component to the the overall smell that fills not only your nose but the room!  It’s brilliant beauty in a cup!

The color – once infused – is dark brown with orange and red hues.  A nice, vibrant color, indeed!

As for the taste…it’s VERY flavorful, bold and rich, hearty and memorable!  The fruits all blend together nicely for a unique taste of it’s own.  They are semi-sweet yet semi-tart but meet in the middle quite nicely.  The spices aren’t like the chai spices you may be thinking of.  Instead they are more on the assist but NOT hiding in the background – that is for sure!  They also contribute to the overall uniqueness of this flavored tea!  With out any one ingredient the aroma and taste would not be the same.  It’s slightly reminiscent of Seasonal or Holiday Fruit and Spices but I would be confident that anyone could enjoy this year-round! I could see myself enjoying a cup or two after morning Yoga filled with Sun Salutations.

I agree with the name as it seems to bring me joy and peace but also seems to wake me up and get my going!

This is what I would call an amazingly crafted tea!

As for you history buffs below I am including some info I found on their website but please do visit their site and read much more about their company and offerings!

A little more about The East India Company Heritage and History:

Since its creation in 1600 by The Royal Charter granted by Queen Elizabeth I, the influence of The East India Company has been well documented.  Without The Company our world would not be as it is today.

It changed the world’s tastes, its thinking, and its people.  It created new communities, trading places,  cities and shaped countries and commercial routes.

Singapore and Hong Kong were established by The Company and India was shaped and influenced by it.  At one point The Company had the largest merchant navy in the world and conducted and controlled 50% of world trade.

With statistics like that it’s easy to forget that at its heart, were real people.

Our heritage is in the spirit of those pioneers.  The East India Company’s employees did not set out to change the world.  They were people who set sail to establish trade routes, to discover and bring back new goods, and in doing so broke down the barriers of the world.

They were explorers, traders, innovators. They took risks, they broke new ground and they sometimes got it wrong.

They were pioneering; creating many of the means and rules of commerce we use today.

They were individuals, living by the rules of their times – determined, entrepreneurial and human – who were driven by their passion and enthusiasm; the same qualities that drive our team today.

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  1. Completely love it when someone’s enthusiasm for tea comes out so dramatically in their writing. That’s definitely the case here.

    Now, I HAVE to try this tea.

    Thanks for the review. Kama Sutra indeed.

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