2010 First Flush Premium Oolong from Mauna Kea Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  This flush is sold out, however, keep an eye on Mauna Kea Tea’s website for updates on when this year’s harvest is available!

Product Description:

Our First Flush Premium Oolong Tea is the first harvest of the year. This is medium oxidation oolong which has slightly fruity flavor and bold floral aroma. Hand harvested and processed. Naturally oxidized under the sun.

partially oxidized leaves are then hand-processed to enhance floral aroma and bring out full flavor.

Organically Grown at our farm in Hawaii.

Taster’s Review:

I’ve never been to Hawaii.  I hope to go sometime, but until then, I like to think that I’m experiencing a bit of Hawaii through Hawaiian-grown teas like this one from Mauna Kea.

The aroma is fantastic.  It smells much the way I imagine the air in Hawaii to smell:  floral, vegetal, and fresh.  A very aromatic, vibrant fragrance!

The flavor is sublime!  It is very delicate and floral, with a kiss of vegetation to the background.  There is a beautiful fruity essence to the flavor as well, with flavors that remind me of sweet plums.

The sweetness to this cup is remarkable, no additional sweetener is required.  In fact, I feel that adding sweetener to this cup would ruin this tea.  I has such a lovely delicate quality to it.

I recommend brewing this tea in a gaiwan to get the most out of this tea.  Drink it hot to enjoy all the subtle nuances to it.  This is truly a rewarding tea!

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