Green Mulberry Leaf Tisane from Tula Teas

Tea Type: Herbal

Where To Buy: Tula Teas

Product Description:

Mulberry “tea” is drunk throughout Asia for health and wellness and it’s the personal favourite “comfort tisane” of Tula’s founder. Its flavour is often compared to green tea, so it is a popular alternative to green tea for those who are lowering their caffeine intake and those who love green tea, but want something that doesn’t taste bitter when overbrewed.

Our award-winning Green Mulberry tisane is made from the most aromatic strain of mulberry plant (Morus Alba). It is organically grown and processed by a small, woman-owned company in Northeastern Thailand, where the climate and soil are ideal for mulberry leaf production. The result is an antioxidant-rich, great tasting, caffeine-free infusion.

The deep golden infusion has a savory aroma with hints of hand-rolled green tea, steamed lacinato kale, toasted pumpkin seeds and brewed raspberry leaf. The flavour is boldly nutty (a bit like a fine Long Jing) with vegetal undertones and delicate berry sweetness. The aftertaste is a completely different experience from the taste: the flavour is still nutty, but it’s far, far sweeter. It has notes of mulberries (of course), but also blackberries, raspberries, slippery elm bark and crushed rose petals. This wonderfully layered infusion is a supertaster’s dream come true.

Green Mulberry pairs with a range of Southern foods. Try it with Southern cuisine like fried chicken, spicy beans and rice or buttermilk biscuits, or pair it with barbecued tempeh, jam-topped vanilla ice cream or fresh-baked berry pies.

Green Mulberry is deliciously nuanced when hot, but it’s also intensely nutty when iced. Try it brewed strong with milk and sugar and chilled for a fantastic iced latte replacement.

Tasters Review:

Green Mulberry Leaf Tisane from Tula Teas absolutely SHOCKED me!   The aroma is AMAZING!  It’s unlike anything tisane/tea-wise I have EVER smelled!   The only thing I can compare it to it buttered and Cooked Kale!   It’s so bready and Kale-like!

The taste is quite nice, too!   I was expecting it to be your average herbal taste but it tastes like toast and cooked kale with a toasted green tea finish and the aftertaste is nutty with a hint of fruit.

It’s Remarkable!  I really like this!  Other than minty herbals…this may just be my favorite herbal to date!

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