Clara’s Tea from Talbott Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos

Where to Buy:  Talbott Teas

Product Description:

You’re all dressed up for a magical tea party, and Clara from The Nutcracker has brought her favorite caffeine-free blend. Add milk and sugar to the real strawberries and rose petals, and the dancing will never end!

All natural premium ingredients: Rooibos, strawberry pieces, rose petals, blue cornflowers petals, natural vanilla and strawberry flavors.

Taster’s Review:

What a pretty blend!  Thin rooibos bits with colorful flowers and pieces of dried strawberry.  It’s lovely enough to brew in a glass teapot, and it brews to a nice, deep ruby color.  This is a tea that is fit for a little girl’s tea party!

This is a tasty blend.  I really didn’t think I’d like it after I strained it into my cup, because I could see how thick the hibiscus had made it.  And I admit my first sip was a little tart – a little too tart for my personal liking.  However, I found that a spoonful of sugar (can’t you hear Mary Poppins singing in your head now?) fixed this right up and made it not only drinkable, but nice and tasty!

The sweetening also helped the strawberry and vanilla flavors to really come to life in the teacup.  The flavor of the rooibos is not very noticeable with the strong strawberry and vanilla flavors, as well as the flavor of the hibiscus.  But that’s alright with me, because I’m not over-the-moon for the flavor of rooibos anyway.

The overall cup is sweet-tart and very kid-friendly since it has no caffeine.  And check out the cute packaging!  It’s even kid-friendly!

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