Chai Vanilla from Empire Tea Services

Vanilla Planifolia - photo from Wikipedia

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Empire Tea Services

Description of Chai:

High elevation Tea blended with aromatic Sri-Lankan Spices. Can also be used in a coffee maker. Directions enclosed. Micro-blended. Ceylon tea and Sri Lankan (Ceylon) Spices make a great combination. We are the only company that offers Ceylon Chai.

Description of Chai Vanilla:

The same authentic Chai with added Vanilla flavor.

Taster’s Review:

I really love the vanilla accent in this chai.  It lends such a deliciously creamy, sweet taste!

The dry leaf is a traditional, finely ground blend of leaves and spices, almost like an espresso coffee grind!  While much could be (and has been) debated about the quality of tea derived from whole leaf vs. cut/ground leaf, it has been my experience that some of the very best chai that I’ve ever tasted are brewed from finely ground leaves and spices such as this.

The flavor of the tea is robust!  It really surprised me to learn that this is a Ceylon base, because it has such a bold, strong flavor.  It certainly isn’t the wimpy Ceylon tea that I have sometimes encountered.  This tea has the gusto needed to hold its own with these strong spices.

The spices are blend very well.  So well, in fact, that I am finding it difficult to discern one note from another!  The medley of spices have unified into one “super-spice” which provides a very pleasant smoothness to the cup.  The addition of the vanilla further enhances that smooth quality. While this isn’t the spiciest chai I’ve tasted, it is certainly one of the smoothest!

This is a chai I would recommend to those who would like a mildly spiced chai, or perhaps someone who might be looking for an interesting vanilla spice tea.  I recommend drinking it hot with a dollop of honey (I actually used turbinado sugar in my cup, and I like the way the molasses notes meld with the spice) and a bit of steamed milk.  Froth it if you like a foamy top.  This is an absolutely delightful way to start the day!

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