Special Piña Colada Green Tea from 52Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  52Teas

Product Description:

If you thought our award-winning Pina Colada Honeybush was good, wait till you get to try THIS!

We blended some of the finest green teas we had–some chun mee, young hyson supreme and a smaller portion of Japanese sencha for balance with real dried pineapple, our honking big coconut flakes and all natural flavors. This is going to blow you away. I was thinking really hard about not offering two green teas in a row, but this is so amazing I couldn’t resist.

Taster’s Review:

I must agree:  this tea IS amazing!

Having tasted their Piña Colada Honeybush and loving it, I knew I was in for a treat with this blend.  And even though I really do love the Piña Colada Honeybush, I think that this is even better.  The sweet, tropical flavors meld so seamlessly with the sweetness of the green tea blend.

The dry leaf is really beautiful with its green tea leaves, large chunks of dried pineapple and HUGE flakes of coconut.  And it smells as good as it looks!

But the taste is what really wins you over with this tea.  Sweet, juicy fruit flavor with a touch of rum.  The green tea is light and refreshing with a soft mouthfeel.  There is next to NO grassy taste with this green tea, I don’t know if that is because of the strong piña colada flavoring offsetting the grassy notes, but for those who often find the vegetative taste of green tea to be off-putting, I think that this green tea would work for you!

Unfortunately, as I write this the tea has sold out.  I do hope that this is one that 52Teas considers reblending because I think that there are a lot of people out there who are sad about missing this one – or at least, they should be!  It’s SO GOOD!

Since this one IS sold out, though, I intend on reserving the rest of this package away for iced tea brewing!  As awesome as it is hot, it’s even better iced!

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