Ceylon Forest Green Tea from Shanti Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Shanti Tea

Product Description:

Reminiscent of a China green, with its vegetal taste, but with a greater degree of fermentation. This rare, rainforest grown tea is mellow yet full-bodied, serene, and uplifting.

Taster’s Review:

This is a delicious green tea.  The dry leaves, when I first saw them, didn’t look real green to me, they looked more like an oxidized tea, perhaps not as dark as a black tea, but, not really green, either. After infusing, the wet leaves reveal their true color and are very deep green.

The flavor is delightful.  The description states that it is “mellow yet full-bodied, serene and uplifting,” and I agree with that.  This does have a vegetative taste, but, it’s much more complex than that.  The sip begins with sweetness with a hint of a grassy/vegetative note.  About mid-sip, I notice a savory note that is somewhat bitter but not off-putting.  It’s actually quite intriguing and I like how it cuts through the sweetness.  The sip ends with some astringency, and a sweet, fruity tone lingers in the aftertaste.

This tea is good for a couple of infusions, and I highly recommend taking advantage of that.  The second infusion is superior to the first.  It is in the second infusion that more fruit tones reveal themselves.  I would liken this second infusion to the flavor of apple slices that have been drizzled with honey.  It is sweet and very delicious.  Definitely a cup you’ll want to savor.

This is a tea I would recommend to all green tea enthusiasts out there!  It’s divine!

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