Chai Matcha Latte Tea from Matcha Mountain

Tea Type:
(Green Tea Base)

In the form of a Latte

Where To Buy:
Matcha Mountains

Product Description:
Spice up your life this season with our chai matcha latte made from organic freshly ground spices cardamon, cinnamon, cloves… and japanese matcha. Accent our chai with a cinnamon stick or dollop of whip cream and enjoy hot or cold.

Tasters Review:

This was the very first Matcha Mountains product I ever tried and I must say…I was hooked right away!

Chai Matcha Latte from Matcha Mountains  smelled like a gentle chai with green tea in powder form.   Once I  added it to milk and heated the aroma got stronger!  It had a very nice chai smell to it!  The color after preparing was much like the photo above.

The taste is very satisfying!   The mixture of spices are wonderful…they are both sweet and spicy but not overly done my any means.  I like this very much.  If matcha latte’s could whisper – this one would say “I was made for you!”

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