SororiTEA Sisters Blend from Blends For Friends

Tea Type:
Black Tea

Where To Buy:
Blends For Friends

Product Description:

Custom Blend made for SororiTEA Sisters based on these Questions and Answers…

A blend for those who truly appreciate the taste of a great beverage. A bright and diverse infusion of creative characters that are full of flavorsome charm. Enjoying fine top notes and far-flung origins, this lovely combination is the perfect accompaniment to rest, relaxation, and reviews!

Only the finest quality tea: Sri Lanka Uva Black Tea for bright liquor and fine top notes. Cocoa Shells for flavorsome charm. Orange Blossom for bright character. Rose petals for creative style. With natural Bergamot and Chocolate flavor for great taste.

Tasters Review:

I have been procrastinating on reviewing this NOT because I didn’t enjoy it because I REALLY do enjoy it and NOT because I didn’t know what to say because – as you scroll down and read –  you will see I have a LOT to say about this tea!  And what I have to say is ALL GOOD!  Another reason I waited to do a full length review about this tea is because each time I drank a cup of it I found something new and/or different I liked about it!

Here were my very first impressions of this tea…

This tea is just TOO special! The  SororiTEA Sisters were lucky enough to have Blends For Friends create a custom blend just for us and it’s really awesome!  These ingredients are great and the aroma and taste has some interesting surprises along the way! WOW! This is just FUN!!!

I’ve had over a dozen go-arounds with this tea and each time was a new and fun experience!  For example…one attempt was more of an Earl Grey and citrus type taste whereas the next was a combo of Dark Chocolate and Earl Grey Flavors.  Next cup I found a nice chocolate tea with a few floral notes.  Other cups were mostly chocolate and very yummy and just when I thought I knew what to expect in the next cup – the flavor would change just a tad to release yet another surprise in flavor!  There were times where I could taste the rose petals more than the other flavors or visa versa but each time I really enjoyed my cup and found it was a great tea to start the day with!

This tea goes beyond the aroma and taste tho!  These blends are custom made based on answers you give this wonderful company!  They have a way with words, too, just take a look at the product description above!

And their presentation is gorgeous!  The generous amount of loose leaf was stored in a heavy-duty yet classy tin gently placed inside a sophisticated plain black box and then wrapped in a silky and stylish ribbon.

And you can tell from their friendly and fast email responses that their customer service is top notch, too!

I like everything about this company and this tea they made for us!  It’s so neat to an official SororiTEA Sisters Blend of Tea!  Thanks so much – Blends For Friends!  You are a Gem in the tea world!


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