Lemon Mango from Tea Licious

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy: Tea Licious

Product Description:

Black tea with lemon and mango.

Taster’s Review:

I found this particular blend to be intriguing simply because of the combination.  I love mango flavored lemonade, and I was hoping that this might offer a little bit of that taste together with a rich black tea background.

And it does!  The mango flavor is sweet and mild, and the lemon offers a hint of tartness.  It isn’t as powerful of a flavor as a mango lemonade would be, but, I wasn’t expecting it to be quite like that, either.  But what it does present is an example of how well mango and lemon work together.

The black tea is the strongest flavor of this cup – as well it should be.  This is, after all, TEA!  It has a very strong, brisk taste to it.  It’s actually quite bold, much more so than I expected.  I didn’t think this was a Ceylon based upon its flavor, and when I questioned it, Tea Licious confirmed that this is a Nilgiri base.  That makes sense, because this has some gusto to it without overwhelming the lighter flavors of mango and lemon.

These are two flavors that if one or the other was overdone, it would overpower the cup.  Here, it is blended masterfully, offering juicy notes of mango and lemon without letting these flavors get carried away.

I prefer this tea iced.  It is delicious hot too, but, I find it much more refreshing as an iced tea.  It is one that you’ll be proud to serve at the family picnic or even to friends as they visit.  This one should be a summertime staple!

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