My Cheap Hubby Tea from The White August Tea Company

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: The White August Tea Company

Product Description:

Is your man too cheap to buy you roses and chocolates? Don’t be mad, enjoy all your favorites in this delicious black tea with dark chocolate, sweet creamy cherries, rose petals and Schizandra berries. This Tea comes in a stylish tin and includes T-sacs, so you can enjoy your Tea on the Go. 50g Tin.

Tasters Review:

Chocolate Covered Cherries.

Need I say more?

I probably should considering this is a tea REVIEW site.  I should probably elaborate, huh?

The aroma of this one is out of this world!  Chocolate Covered Cherries to a TEA (pardon the pun.)

The Black Tea strength was comparable to a medium strength black.  The Dark Chocolate flavor was genius but not too much to handle…it blended very well with the other flavors!  The Cherry was NOT bitter or tart but juicy and really made you think you were consuming a chocolate covered cherry!   The Schiandra berry flavor was more noticeable as the tea cooled or if you were to have it iced.  And the creaminess chimed in on the aftertaste more than anything else.

This is a FAB Flavored Black Tea!  Tea-riffic!


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