Organic Lavender Earl Grey from Two Leaves and a Bud

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Two Leaves and a Bud

Product Description:

We added organic French lavender flowers to an Organic Assam base to create this smooth, refreshing and relaxing Lavender Earl Grey. Layers of wild honey and a light bergamot citrus finish make this the perfect variation on a theme for Earl Grey fanatics.

Taster’s Review:

I am, indeed, one of those “Earl Grey fanatics” as mentioned in the above description.  I love Earl Grey!

And the more Earl Grey teas that I drink, the more I am starting to discover just how much I like the Earl Grey with Lavender varieties.  I like how the flowery notes of the bergamot meld with the flavor of the lavender.  It creates a unified floral tone for the cup.

The base of this tea is a strong Assam tea.  It has a malty note to it and a bold character that holds up well to the sometimes aggressive flavor of bergamot.  By doing so, the bergamot remains strong but doesn’t overpower the cup and come off tasting pefume-ish.

One might think that the addition of the lavender would increase the odds of it tasting perfume-ish, but it really doesn’t.  This addition allows the floral tones to flourish, however, the Assam is sturdy enough to keep the flowery notes from going crazy.

This is a very pleasantly smooth, rich tasting Earl Grey with a lovely twist.  It has a light astringency and a sweet finish.  If you like Earl Grey, you’ll love this one!

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