Good Morning Maté from Fusion Tea Room

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Yerba Maté & Rooibos

Where to Buy:  Fusion Tea Room

Product Review:

Rich Argentinean roasted mate is combined with rooibos, cocoa bits, coconut flakes, cinnamon, cloves, cornflower blossoms and flavor to give you a burst of energy without the jitters, that will last the entire day. Enjoy as a latte for a healthier alternative to coffee without sacrificing full, rich flavor.

Taster’s Review:

I have tried a few of the blends from Fusion Tea Room thus far (and there are still quite a few more to try!) and I must say that I have been very impressed.  They certainly have a way with bringing flavors together to create a delicious cup, similar to the way a masterful chef has a way with combining ingredients to create a delicious dish.  True artistry at work when it comes to Fusion Tea Room!

The flavor of this Good Morning Maté is delightful.  The richness and robust character reminds me very much of that morning cup of coffee that I used to enjoy many years ago (and even though I’m much happier with the switch to tea, there are times when I miss that deep, robust flavor of coffee, especially on those sleepy mornings).

The Yerba Maté seems to be the main component of this particular blend, and it is the Maté that provides the aforementioned deep, rich flavor.  There is a pleasant roasted flavor from the Maté, but it isn’t overwhelmingly earthy the way some Yerba Maté tisanes can be.

The cinnamon and cloves enhance the background and every once in a while arrive to the forefront with their warm spice.  But it’s just a touch of spice – certainly not what I would consider a spicy cup.  The chocolate and coconut are also not particularly prominent in this cup – rather this is more like a well-balanced combination of each ingredient which allows each flavor to be represented without being overwhelmed by another.

If there is one ingredient that seems to be lacking in comparison to the rest, it would be the rooibos.  That being said, I do get a distinct rooibos taste in this cup, although it is not strong or what I would consider one of the main flavors in this blend.

This tisane offers a very happy way to wake up with its hints of cocoa and coconut, as well as its deep, rich character and myriad of contemplative flavors.  If I were to offer any complaint about this at all, it would be that I would like for the chocolate to be a little stronger – but then, that’s the chocoholic in me talking.  Otherwise I’m finding this to be a rather exceptional tasting Yerba Maté blend!

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