PRODUCT REVIEW: Pink Sparkle from GreenTeaHP/Green Tea Pros

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Product Description:

Pink Sparkle is a pixie powdered GreenTeaHP beverage that is designed to enhance your lifestyle by providing key nutrients to promote physical activity.

Pink Sparkle is a proprietary blend of highly concentrated green tea antioxidants, acai, L-arginine, glutamine, CLA, L-carnatine and a full compilation of berries and pomegranates. Pink Sparkle delivers 90 mg of EGCG, the antioxidant only found in green tea, which is equivalent to 20 cups of green tea and 15 mg of caffeine.

Taster’s Review:

Today I’ve been very yawn-ish.  That is to say, I haven’t been able to shake the yawns since I woke up this morning.  I’ve been very sluggish – what I need is an energy boost.

And, while I was skeptical, I decided that I would give one of these pixies from Green Tea Pros a try.  You know what?  This stuff works!  I haven’t yawned since I started sipping on this glass of prepared Pink Sparkle.  And I feel more energetic.

It’s tasty too.  I’ve said before when reviewing the Green Tea HP/Green Tea Pros products that I think they are designed more for the people who don’t like (or don’t think they like) green tea, but still want the health benefits of green tea.  And I think that is true of the Pink Sparkle too.

That’s because this tastes more like a berry and pomegranate flavored soft drink than it does green tea.  It has a pleasant sweet-tart taste from the berries and pomegranate that lingers in the finish.  There is a slight “artificial sweetener” aftertaste to this that worried me just a little, as I am allergic to aspartame.  But I checked the ingredients and there is no aspartame in this.

I would definitely drink this again – especially on days like this when I feel myself dragging but I can’t go back to bed because I’ve a busy day ahead.  I love the burst of energy that I’m getting from it, it’s loaded with health benefits and most importantly it tastes pretty darned good.

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