Golden Monkey from The Meaning of Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  The Meaning of Tea

Product Description:

Origin: From Yunnan Province, one of the most ancient tea-growing regions in China. This black tea is named after its golden brown, fuzzy buds.

Ingredients: organic China black tea

Organic Status: certified USDA organic

Taster’s Review:

This is an incredibly beautiful tea.  The leaves are very much like the picture above portrays:  gorgeous and golden!  The liquor is a deep amber color with a delicately sweet aroma that hints of notes of fruit and flower.

This is a real treat to sip!  It has a strong fruit note to it – much more distinct a fruit taste than I think I’ve ever experienced from an “unflavored” black tea.  It has bright citrus tones that are both sweet and slightly tangy.

The tea is brisk but not quite as bold as some Yunnan teas I’ve tasted in the past.  Instead, this tea is smooth and sweet with malty undertones.  It starts out with a sweet note that develops into a citrus-like flavor as the sip washes over the palate.  There are brief hints of tangy and sour notes as the sip progresses.  It ends with some dry astringency.  The finish is sweet with a light aftertaste.

I absolutely LOVE this tea.  If you’ve been looking for a great Golden Monkey – look no further!  This one fills the bill!

3 thoughts on “Golden Monkey from The Meaning of Tea

  1. By bold I mean very strong. A very assertive tea. An example I would use is this: first, consider an Assam Tea. Now consider a Ceylon tea. Assam is a stronger tea – more substance to it. I would consider the Assam to be a bold tea, while the Ceylon may be brisk, but usually not particularly bold, at least in comparison to other black tea.

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