Clouds & Mist from Empire Tea Services

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Empire Tea Services

Product Description:

China green tea grown in the misty mountains. Well twisted long leaves, delicate flavor and makes a pale bright cup. One of the best!

Taster’s Review:

It is fun to watch this tea steep.  The dry leaves are long and thin, curly and twisted.  As the “agony of the tea leaves” commences, I watch these leaves toss and turn in the hot water, slowly opening to reveal tiny, delicate leaves, and producing a gorgeous clear green liquor.

The flavor of this Clouds & Mist green is sweet and vegetative.  The vegetative taste is somewhat grassy, and yet I taste notes of vegetables as well.  It has a wonderful savory taste to it with hints of spice tones in the background.  I can also taste a hint of citrus-y flavor in the background.

This is not your typical “sweet and buttery” green tea, it doesn’t have that buttery, thick mouthfeel that you might experience with a Chinese Sencha.  Instead, I consider this to be on the opposite side of the spectrum.  The flavor is more savory, as I mentioned previously.

There are sweet tones to this tea, and they are contrasted well with the savory notes.  The sweetness arrives at the start of the sip; a sour note that hits about mid-sip; while the bitterness reveals itself briefly just after the sour note washes over the palate..

This is a wonderfully complex green tea that I would recommend to all green tea enthusiasts.

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