Kuradashi Sencha from Den’s Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

To Inquire about this tea visit:  Den’s Tea

Product Description:

This delicate waves brings a creamy taste. Kuradashi Sencha is aromatic and has a mellow Umami acquired in the naturally cooled kura at Ikawa.

Taster’s Review:

The dry leaves are cut very thin and fine, and they are a very dark green.  After infusing, the leaves expand to about triple their pre-infusion size, and are a more vivid, bright green color.  The aroma is lightly vegetative.

The flavor is truly unique from any Sencha I’ve tried.  It has a very pleasant, savory quality to it.  Like its scent, it is a soft vegetative taste.  It is sweet with a lovely creamy flavor and texture.  The mouthfeel does not linger, however, as there is a very slight astringency that cleanses the palate.

The flavor is so mild and soothing.  At the end of this long day, I can feel it calm me.  It seems to actually relax the tension in my shoulders!  This is one amazing Sencha, indeed!

I could not find this tea on Den’s website, so if you’re interested, I strongly recommend contacting them to find out if you can obtain some of this incredible tea!  It is definitely worth the effort!

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