PRODUCT REVIEW:Chai Tea & Cashew Artisan Brittle from Morning Glory Confections

Where to Buy:  Morning Glory Confections

Product Description:

Morning Glory’s Chai Tea & Cashew Brittle takes the warm, complex flavors of chai tea and combines them with buttery cashews for an experience that evokes the coziness of winter nights.

Taster’s Review:

About a month ago, I noticed this brittle was featured on the homepage of Foodzie.  You know I had to try it!

And I am so glad I did.  It is absolutely delicious!  This brittle has an amazing set of flavors:  salty, sweet, spicy.  The contrast between these flavors is so delicate.  The spicy tones from the chai tea don’t smack you upside the head, but instead, they sneak up underneath the sweetness of the brittle and the mellow nutty flavor of the cashews, developing slowly.  The spicy flavors are so intriguing in their development that it keeps me munching on the confection and wishing I had more when it disappeared.

This is one of the best brittle candies I’ve ever tasted.  It has an amazing complexity!  As you may know, I previously reviewed the New Mexico Chili & Pumpkin Seed Brittle from the same company on my Hungry in Portland blog, and honestly, I can’t tell you which one of these I like best!  They are both so delicious – certainly NOT your run-of-the-mill brittle confections that you might find in the candy aisle of the grocery store.

If you’ve a sweet tooth and love contrasting flavors like sweet and salty or sweet and spicy – you MUST try this brittle!  You will love it.

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