Oolong from Choice Organic Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Choice Organic Teas

Product Description:

Savor the delicious complexity of this sophisticated oolong. After plucking, the leaves are lightly bruised and briefly oxidized to create a tea with a balance and harmony all its own. A gentle earthiness with hints of smoke, a lingering finish and a delightful aroma make this a remarkably enticing and enriching cup.

Taster’s Review:

This is a pleasant enough Oolong tea.  Not my favorite Oolong, but it has an enjoyable flavor.

The product description from Choice Organic Teas (provided above) refers to this as a “sophisticated Oolong” and I agree.  It has a sophistication to it that I wouldn’t normally associate with a bagged tea.  I think it is the delicate smoky tones that evoke the thoughts of sophistication for me.  It isn’t overly smoky (I wouldn’t like it if it was), but the subtle notes of smoke give this an interesting dimension of flavor.

There is also a pleasant undertone of caramel-y sweetness to this cup which compliments the earthy notes without over-emphasizing them (I’m not a big fan of strong earthy tones either).   There is a bit of astringency at the tail, perhaps a bit more than I would have expected from an Oolong, but it leaves the palate clean and allows me to enjoy the light sweetness in the aftertaste.

The mellow flavor of this tea goes quite nicely with a meal, and that’s the time that I really appreciate the convenience of a tea bag.  When I’m cooking in the kitchen, I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to brewing tea.  Also, if I happen to go out to eat, these tea bags are great to bring along and are usually much better tasting than any of the teas that are offered in a typical restaurant.

No sweetener is needed with this Oolong, but a little honey is quite nice with it and brings out some of the natural sweetness of the Oolong.  I also like this with a thin slice of orange.

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