Farm Fresh Tai Ping Monkey Chief from Chi of Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Chi of Tea

About Chi of Tea:

We specialize in hard to find, high quality, organic, farm fresh loose leaf teas. It is is getting harder and harder to find fresh organic tea in today’s tea market. Tea factories aim for large harvests and quick production for the commercial tea industry. We aim for finding the highest quality, small batches of exceptional teas. Taste the difference, experience high quality tea that is no longer found on the markets, strait from small organic tea farms from around the world that focus on growing tea for the best taste, not to supply the masses. Sometimes a farm may only produce a couple pounds of tea that meet our high expectations. Our mission is to bring this exceptional tea to those who wish to experience unique, rare, high quality tea.

Taster’s Review:

I received a free sampling of this tea with a recent order, and I was so thrilled to receive it.  I love Tai Ping!  The dry leaf is beautiful – large, dark green, flat leaves.  There is just something that draws me to Tai Ping leaves.  They are truly a marvel.

And the liquor that they render is divine!  It is a very light flavor, but so pleasant to sip.  The mouthfeel is quite luxurious – very silky smooth.  The flavor is sweet with notes of flower (honeysuckle?) and fruit within its many complex layers, with very brief hints of vegetative/grassy tones.  There is very little astringency to this tea, and what little there is can be detected only well into the aftertaste when I experience a lightly dry sensation on the palate.  The aftertaste is sweet.

Admittedly, I have not had the opportunity to try a lot of Tai Ping as the price can be quite prohibitive.  However, of the few that I have had the chance to try, this is easily the best that I’ve tried.

As I write this review, I attempted to find this tea on the Chi of Tea website, but could not.  I do hope that they will choose to start carrying it, because it is really good, and definitely worth the investment for true tea connoisseurs!  This is absolutely exquisite!

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