Nilgiri Oolong from Tea Licious

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Tea Licious

Product Description:

Superb oolong rich aroma with a sweet taste

Taster’s Review:

To my recollection, I cannot remember ever having tried a Nilgiri Oolong – so I was very excited to receive this tea from Tea Licious.  I love Oolong and I adore Nilgiri black teas, so I was certain I would really enjoy this tea.

And I was right!  This is an amazing tea.  The aroma of the liquor is a woody, earthy scent, but with a hint of honey-esque sweetness in the background.  These notes translate into the flavor quite well.

The earthy quality is not as prominent in the flavor as it is in the fragrance, but it melds quite nicely with the wood tones.  These flavors mingle in the background and give it a flavor that evokes thoughts of old growth forests.

This is a dark (or deeply oxidized) Oolong, but unlike most other dark Oolong teas that I have tried, this one doesn’t have as strong a peach-like essence to it.  There is a hint of peach-y undertones to this Oolong, but it is faint.  The honey-like tones are there, though, and give this a very lovely sweetness.  The tea finishes sweet and lightly astringent.

A unique Oolong!

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