Premium Sencha Powder from Shizuoka Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Shizuoka Tea

Product Description:

Premium Sencha powder is popularly known in Japan as “Sushi Green Tea” because it is commonly served in better quality sushi restaurants. In the Japanese language it is called “hunmatsu” powder. Premium Sencha powder delivers the true taste of premium quality loose leaf tea leaves and is a product of 100% Shizuoka green tea. It is best mixed with hot or warm water as the sushi restaurants do. Premium Sencha powder is ideal for use at home, work or on-the-go. It is packed in a re-sealable foil package to maintain freshness.

Taster’s Review:

This tea looks like a typical Matcha.  But it isn’t Matcha.  And even though it isn’t Matcha, I have categorized it as such, because powdered Sencha is often called “Ghetto Matcha,” and it is quite similar to Matcha in many ways, although there are also significant differences – none the least of which is price.  Powdered Sencha is much more reasonably priced than a typical Matcha.

The main difference between this and Matcha is that this tea is made from Japanese Sencha leaves that have been finely ground, while most Matcha tea is made from Japanese Tencha leaves (also finely ground).  So while this may look like a Matcha, the taste is a little different.

I did, however, prepare it as I would Matcha – using my bamboo whisk (which is called a chasen) and my Matcha bowl (which is called a chawan).  It whisked up frothy, just as a high quality Matcha would, although it is a little duller in color. It blends with hot water quickly and smoothly.

I really like this.  The flavor is lightly sweet with strong vegetative tones and a sharp bitter note that hits at about mid-sip.  The bitterness does not linger, however, and is soon washed over by the sweetness of this tea.  The contrast between sweet and bitter is a little more apparent with this Powdered Sencha versus a typical Matcha tea.

This powdered Sencha can also be added to a bottle of chilled water and shaken for a refreshing iced tea.  My favorite way to use powdered Sencha, though, is to mix into Smoothies – delicious!

1 thought on “Premium Sencha Powder from Shizuoka Tea

  1. Thank you for your review and creating more awareness around powdered teas. We offer a powdered Sencha and Persimmon called Stay Fit – yes sweeter than Sencha alone and YES Sencha does contain higher level of antioxidants compared to Matcha. Matcha has only been thought of as a super drink in the USA because we are taking in the entire leaf. But actually Matcha was never served for physical health in Japan as it comes from a shaded planet which creates a sweeter taste but lower antioxidants. Powdered Sencha is never shaded and because of the sunshine it has higher Catechin levels and as a powder we are getting all of the non-water soluble benefits like Vit E and Calcium. The added Persimmon gives a naturally sweeter taste. Oh yes and Sencha mixes much easier than Matcha since is it not a fine/dusty of a powder.
    Thank you for helping to educate on Japanese powdered teas! Please check out our Green Tea Mixer video and see more Tea Docent believes Stay Fit is the next Matcha in the USA in terms of HEALTH benefits! Matcha is time honored as a ritual and neither are “Ghetto” anything! Arigato!
    Respectfully The Tea Docent!

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