Prosperity Cube Pu-erh Tea (Year 2003) from Red Leaf Tea


Tea Type: Pu-Erh

Where To Buy: Red Leaf Tea Company

Product Description:

From the ancient halls of Chinese herbal science comes a special tea that is designed to call out to the spiritual world; Prosperity Pu-Erh Tea! When civilization was born, Chinese healers developed the arts of Feng Shui, writing, and herbology, and the Prosperity Cube. The Cube is a compressed block of herbs that have been specially prepared with sticky syrup and a small square mold. A Chinese character is applied to the cube during the molding process, as a spiritual call for a certain quality. When shared with family, the Prosperity Cube can be amazingly effective in lifting the financial burdens of the participants. Packed with just as many health benefits as other tea varities, Pu-Erh tea such as the Prosperity Cube make excellent sipping teas for those looking for a traditional Chinese taste.

Tasters Review:

I’ve been a little obsessed with Red Leaf Tea Company’s Teas lately…they have such a wonderful selection!  This is one of their Pu-Erh offerings.  It’s their Prosperity Cube and it looks amazingly crafted!

Dry this had a hint of vinegar aroma to the nose – nothing I couldn’t handle tho.  While infusing it started to smell woodsy and a little like syrup.

It infuses dark.

The taste is unexpected and interesting!  Just when I am thinking it was more of a mellow bark-like taste is changes up to a syrupy type taste and just when I think I have that nailed it changes to a smooth and velvety rice-type hint and then I think it almost has some drier wine notes coming thru.

If you are one of the people turned off by pu-erhs because you may think they are wormy or earthy – try this one – it’s very different!  And ANOTHER really great choice from Red Leaf Tea!

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