Sweet Lily from Praise Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  Praise Tea

Product Description:

Our Organic and Fair Trade Sweet Lily white tea is wonderful treat.

Cultivate your love for tea with this wonderful blend of Pai Mu Dan and dried apples. Deliciously fruity and very healthy it may be one of the smoothest blends you’ve tasted, providing a gentle lift any time of day. Delightful hot or on ice. Try some with white crystal sugar.

Origin: South Indian
Estate: Oothu Estate

Ingredients: Apple, White Tea – Pai Mu Dan

Taster’s Review:

I love the name of this tea.  Perhaps it is because my daughter’s name is Lilith, and we often call her Lili – Sweet Lili!  (Yes, I know the name of the tea is Sweet Lily, but they are pronounced the same.)  I really like the aroma of the dry leaf – it has a light flowery scent that reminds me of the air on a bright spring morning.  It smells fresh and clean and beautiful.

The tea brews to a lovely plum-red color – which leads me to realize that in addition to the apple and white tea, this tea also contains either hibiscus or beetroot.  The dry leaf looks like hibiscus (only because I have less experience with dry beetroot than I do dry hibiscus); but the brewed tea doesn’t taste hibiscus-y.  So perhaps it is beetroot.  Or maybe it’s hibiscus.  Really, since I can’t taste that tart-y hibiscus taste, it doesn’t matter to me whether it is hibiscus or beetroot.   So long as it tastes good!  And this tastes good.

The white tea is not overwhelmed by the crisp apple taste.  The white tea has a light, fresh taste that is only barely vegetative – and only when I really concentrate on the taste can I actually taste that barely vegetative taste.  It tastes much the way I described the smell:  fresh, clean and beautiful.

While apples evoke thoughts of autumn for me, this tea is very spring-like, in my opinion.  Perhaps it is because the apple flavor is a gentle taste that I would describe as sweet with a hint of apple-y tartness.  The flavor gradually becomes stronger as I reach mid-cup, but this never really becomes a strong apple flavor.  It is soft and soothing, like a precious spring morning … the calm after a spring rain.

I really enjoyed this cup of tea.  I found it to be delicious hot, but just a little too mild in flavor for iced tea.  The flavors can be perked up with a little sweetener though.  A very nice tea, I like it.

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