Noni Matcha from Red Leaf Tea

Tea Type: Matcha (Green Tea Base)

Where To Buy: Red Leaf Tea

Product Description:

We have done and continue to do our best in bringing you quality tea products that are natural and healthy. Well, we have done it again! We have taken our highest quality Green Tea, Matcha, and combined it none other than the super fruit known as Noni. Now, you may have heard of Noni before and even tried it from a few different companies only to be left disappointed and feeling ripped off. You do not have to feel that way anymore! You see, we searched and searched the world over to find only the best Noni product to add to our fabulous Matcha Tea.

If you have never heard of Noni, open your ears wide and try to take this all in! The Noni fruit is, like Acai, a super fruit. Noni is found in India, Barbados, Malaysia and Hawaii. Our 100% pure and raw Noni comes from Hawaii. This is not just any Noni, mind you. This is the highest quality Noni that has been freeze-dried to maintain all its integrity. It is 100% raw, pure and organic. After freeze-drying, our Noni is crushed into a fine powder just like our Matcha Green Tea. And just like our Matcha, our Noni powder has all the nutrients and health benefits as though it had never even been removed from its original source. We know it is really amazing and we will tell you why. Our organic Noni powder has so many health benefits it will blow your mind. Not only is Noni a valuable source of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, our 100% pure and raw Noni powder has:

Powerful antioxidants that help support and maintain a healthy immune system T-cell producing qualities that are essential for supporting proper health The ability to help support cellular tissue growth Tumor growth prevention properties Capability to strengthen the digestive system The ability to increase energy and vitality All 9 essential amino acids Capability to help fight infections and cancers The ability to aid in the treatment of lupus and diabetes Capability to fight athlete’s foot The ability to provide relief from flu symptomsWith more benefits to numerous to mention, it is no wonder that we have added such a powerful fruit to our equally powerful Matcha Green Tea. Of course, you cannot let all the healthful qualities of our Noni powder trump the health benefits of our Matcha Tea.

Our wonderful Matcha Tea has qualities like helping improve heart health, detoxifying blood and fighting cancer as well as helping with calorie burn. Together, our Noni and Matcha are lethal combination against bad health and fatigue! Our Noni Matcha is amazing, tastes great and helps keep you healthy throughout the year.

You will not find a healthier tea anywhere than right here and that healthy tea is our very own Noni Matcha.

Tasters Review:

As many of you know I have been a vegetarian for 17+ years.  Over the past month or so I have been educating myself more on Raw Vegan Foods.  When I saw that this Noni Matcha from Red Leaf Tea was RAW and Red Leaf Tea seems to be marketing it as such – I was VERY excited!  If you know of anyone who is into RAW Foods – tell them about this Noni Matcha!  YES!  It is 100% raw, pure and organic.

Dry – right out of the package – the first thing that came to mind when I smelled this was Noni flavored Scones!

After mixing up it smells like fruit and veggies with matcha!

This is pretty good.  It’s a tad tart but unique and super healthy!  It’s a nice change-up from your plain-jane matcha!  I haven’t come across a Noni Flavored Matcha yet and I am very excited that Red Leaf has made this flavored matcha come to be!

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