Amazon Spice Guayusa from Runa available at Mark T. Wendell

Tea Type: Guayusa

Brand Name: Runa

Where to buy: Mark T. Wendell

Product Description:

We are pleased to introduce our customers to the Ecuadorian herb, Guayusa (why-YOU-sah). For thousands of years communities throughout the Amazon have cultivated the guayusa leaf for a natural, delicious source of energy and nutrition. A truly balanced stimulant, guayusa contains caffeine, antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids to awaken the mind and fortify the body.

Guayusa contains 50% more antioxidants than green tea. With a combined effect of sustained energy, what the indigenous Kichwa people call “mental strength and courage”, guayusa continues to be the center of morning rituals throughout the Amazon. Guayusa’s unique blend of caffeine, theobromine, and theophyline is what facilitates a whole-body feeling of awareness and presence. Every harvest, local farmers hand-pick guayusa leaves from the rich soil under the canopy of the Amazon rainforest. Available from Runa in pyramid teabags, each great tasting flavor is 100% organic, naturally smooth and balanced. With Runa’s focus on fair trade pricing and Amazon reforestation projects, you can feel good about rejuvenating with these unique herbal tea selections.

Cupping guayusa is a discovery of rich flavor and cultural tradition. Pour boiling water over the pyramid tea bag and steep for 4-7 minutes, or longer for a darker brew. Sip slowly and enjoy as you awaken your mind and fortify your body with Runa.

Tasters Review:

Here at SororiTEA Sisters not only do we like to be trendsetters (doesn’t ANY Sorority?) we also like to follow trends!  Guayusa has been getting more and more press lately and eventho we cannot claim we are trendsetters on this tisane we gladly admit we are following the trend and think it’s going to be around for quite some time due to it’s health benefits!

This signature blend combines rich, invigorating Guayusa with full-bodied cinnamon and a sweet aromatic lemongrass, in a traditional Amazonian blend.

Here are my findings on this product available at Mark T. Wendell…

This smells a little herbally but it seems to have a SMIDGE of berry aroma hiding somewhere, too.   The spices are very subtle and very light.  Once infused I can smell the lemongrass and the spice is just underneath the lemon-aroma.  The taste is pretty different tho – there is a cinnamon powder type taste paired with the lemongrass on the tongue and that’s on top of the green bean or fresh pea type taste I have been associating with Guayusa. Not bad. Very different from what I expected…but not bad at all!


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