Green Tea Chai from Rishi Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Rishi Tea

Product Description:

Green Tea Chai is very uplifting and assertive with a one-of-a-kind, bright green infusion color. This harmonious blend combines pan-fired green tea with ginger, zesty lemongrass and other stimulating botanicals for a well balanced break with tradition. Its spicy undertones and sweet citrus finish provide a delectable diversion from your usual chai.

Taster’s Review:

As I’ve said before, I love chai.  And I really like this intriguing take on chai!

While I have tried quite a few green tea based chai blends before, I don’t recall such a fresh, uplifting taste!  In fact, if I had not brewed this myself, I wouldn’t have thought this to be a chai at all.  That’s not a knock on chai, only to say that this is deliciously different from the typical green chai teas out there.

The lemongrass tastes very bright and refreshing  The ginger – which is peppery but not too overpowering – along with the lemongrass create that winning citrus-ginger taste that really stands out in this blend.  The cardamom and pepper in this blend are more of afterthoughts.  They are there, but, they don’t really stand out too much.

There is a hint of mint in the background, as well as a whisper of licorice.  These two ingredients are more of accent ingredients, providing a little bit of complexity to the background without becoming too overbearing.

I do want to mention that I did not brew this according to the steeping parameters provided on the packaging, which called for a stove top preparation, boiling briefly in a combination of milk and water.  Because of the lemongrass, I chose instead to steep this the way I would normally steep a flavored green tea, using hot water (but not boiling) and steeping for 3 minutes.

The result is quite flavorful and enjoyable.  I do think, after tasting this, that it would stand up well to the milk/water combination, but, without trying it, I do think I would prefer it the way I’m drinking it now.  But… as I haven’t tried it… if you have tried it, please comment here!  I’d love to hear from you about the results of brewing this stove top!

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