Kashmir Chai from Chi of Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Chi of Tea

Product Description:

Assam black tea blended with mint, cardamom and ginger create this warm yet cooling spicey chai blend.

Taster’s Review:

I am very impressed with Chi of Tea.  They have great tea at reasonable prices, very fast shipping, and they include a plethora of free samples with each order!  What more could you ask for?

This is one of the free samples I received with a recent order.  The dry leaf is a finer grind than what the picture might suggest – this is quite a finely ground tea.  No matter, though, because I’ve come to realize just how important that grind is to a chai blend.  It allows for maximum extraction of the flavors of the spices and tea, creating a very richly flavored brew.

The black tea base is quite strong, indeed.  I recommend steeping somewhere between three and four minutes, any longer and you may end up with a cup that is bitter.  I brewed mine for about three and a half minutes, and this was perfect for my taste buds.  Robust and malty without bitterness.

The spices are not as strong as the black tea base, nor are they as spicy as in some other chai blends.  But that is not a complaint, because, I like this chai for what it is.  The spices offer a pleasant warmth and allow for enjoyment of a very delicious Assam blend.  This chai puts the tea first, and I like that.

What surprised me most about this chai is the mint.  It didn’t really present itself until about mid-cup.  Notes of the mint were lingering somewhere in the distance before that point, but at about mid-cup, a crisp, refreshing mint taste started coming through.  It was a nice surprise, indeed.

I really like this chai.  It is deliciously different.  I prefer this one latte – I love the creaminess of the milk and the way it melds with the minty flavor.  What a delight!

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