Triple Cup Green Tea from Mark T. Wendell

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Mark T. Wendell

Product Review:

This rich, green tea is grown in the mountains of China’s famous Zhejiang tea region. The small and tender curled leaves brew a golden colored cup that is full of classic green tea flavor. Due to its unique character, our Triple Cup green tea can be infused several times before the flavor fades.

Taster’s Review:

When I first opened the package, I noticed how small the leaves seemed to be.  They are greyish-green when dry and they almost look like gunpowder pellets and I had to check the product description to make sure this wasn’t, in fact, a gunpowder tea.  Once infused, these leaves – while still tiny and almost frail-looking – turn a very vivid green color.

Those tiny, tender green leaves unfurl slowly to produce a pale, clear green liquor that smells a little grassy and pleasantly sweet.  That description could equally describe the flavor of the tea – it is lightly vegetative (I don’t know that I would call this “grassy” because it tastes more like vegetables than grass to me) with a smooth sweetness that washes over the palate.  The sweetness is slightly nutty – not so much a roasted kind of nutty taste, but more of a blanched-nuts-that-have-been-creamed-into-a-nut-butter kind of sweetness.

The leaves submit several flavorful infusions.  I recommend infusing in a vessel that will allow you to watch the leaves unfurl – this is a fun tea to watch.

This is a delicious and mild green tea that I think would be enjoyable to the green tea novice as well as the green tea connoisseur.

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