Moroccan Mint from Tea Licious

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Tea Licious

Product Description:

green tea with peppermint leaves

Taster’s Review:

The green tea in this blend is a gunpowder green, evidenced by the tiny pellets of green tea in the dry leaf.  Sometimes, I find gunpowder green teas to be a bit on the harsh side, but not tonight.  This is very pleasant, with a light vegetative quality and no bitterness.  There is a lightly drying astringency at the finish.

The peppermint is crisp and cooling, but it is not overpowering (peppermint can be somewhat aggressive and take over a blend, that didn’t happen here).  There is a good balance between mint and green tea flavor.

The sip begins with a sweet introduction of mint and green tea, with the peppermint maintaining its presence throughout the sip.  The green tea is present in the beginning, drops off a little, and by the end comes through with a slight grassy note and the astringency.  The aftertaste is sweet and minty.

I love sipping on a mint tea after a meal.  It is soothing on the stomach and it helps to freshen the palate after heavy (or spicy!) foods.  A great tea to keep on hand when you might need a little minty refreshment!

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