Silver Needle Bai Hao (Wu Yi Qu Hao) from In Nature

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  In Nature

Product Description:

Silver Needle Bai Hao white tea is possibly the most natural form of tea. It is only made from the buds, picked when they are at their most tender.

These sweet and tender leaves used to be exclusively for the Emperors and royalty of China, as they were so rare and exquisite. A real treat that is now available for the enjoyment of all tea lovers.

The tea brews to a pale yellow-green colour with fresh aroma similar to green tea with a crisp and fresh taste.

Taster’s Review:

This is sooooooo GOOD!  So very good!

These long, slender leaves are of very high quality, evidenced by the fact that they’re covered in silvery-white, soft fuzz.  The aroma of the dry leaf offers hints of fruit and floral notes – but with an airy quality to the scent as well.  Sort of like the way the air would smell while walking through a fruit orchard (perhaps an apple orchard?) in bloom.  The fragrance of the brewed tea is a bit softer, but it still smells fresh and crisp.

The flavor is sublime.  It is a remarkably smooth and sweet taste.  Very pure and clean!  It has a light vegetative quality that is not exactly grassy, but not exactly vegetable either.  I would describe it as somewhere in-between the two tastes.  It is a remarkably light vegetative note, but I like the way it contributes to the refreshing taste of this tea.

One of the best silver needle teas I’ve encountered in a very long time.  If you’re a fan of silver needle teas – I suggest putting this one on your must try list!

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