Mellie’s Spiced Orappangele from 52Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  52Teas

Product Description:

I think it should be pronounced “or-AH-pang-ul-ee” though that sounds nothing like orange or apple.

You may not be able to compare apples and oranges, but we can sure blend them together!  Here’s our amazing Chinese sencha green tea blended with real dried apple bits, orange peel, cinnamon chips and even some freeze-dried orange sections. This is going to blow you away.

As always, get it while you can; it’s not going to last long.

Taster’s Review:

I hadn’t planned on ordering this tea when it was first announced back in February because, well, it seemed a little “ordinary.”  I mean, I can’t recall having heard of a blend with these three ingredients (apple, orange, and cinnamon) but, it just seemed a little less “different” than 52Teas usual offerings.  So I thought, “eh, I could do without it.”  And I knew that my pocketbook could handle my choosing not to order it.  But, then I started reading the reviews of it on Steepster, and my curiosity got the better of me.  I decided I had to try it!

I’m really glad that I decided to break down and order this one, because it is good – and it’s going to make AWESOME iced tea for the warmer days ahead.  The Sencha green tea is smooth, very lightly vegetative and has a sweet, creamy buttery taste to it.  The lightness of the Sencha green tea makes a great base for the flavors of this tea.

The apple tastes crisp and sweet with a hint of apple-y tartness.  The orange tastes refreshingly juicy.  The cinnamon is a sweeter cinnamon taste (not a spicy-hot cinnamon) and it accents the two fruits very nicely.  I like that the cinnamon seems to cut through some of the sweet fruity notes here, adding just enough warmth to the cup so that it doesn’t taste like some fruity sweet soft drink.  The flavors do not overwhelm; there is a nice harmony between tea, fruit and spice.

I guess it just goes to show not to doubt Frank when it comes to even the most unremarkable of flavors because he can take something as common and everyday as apples and oranges and turn them into something as extraordinarily delicious as this tea.   The man’s a got a gift when it comes to flavoring tea, and this tea is just another example of why 52Teas is my favorite tea company.

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