Organic Fiery Temptress Tea from The Rabbit Hole

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: The Rabbit Hole

Product Description:

Chilli and chocolate, such strange bedfellows. Throw a black tea in the mix and you’ve got one mind-blowing brew. Perfect for when you need to spice up your life.

Tasters Review:

I’ll be up-front and blunt here…I have had some go-arounds with chili and chocolate in tea and there are some really hard-to-handle ones out there!

THIS is a WINNER!  The Rabbit Hole really did do a great job with this one!  Both the Chili and Chocolate are tasty without being over done!  Both taste REAL and not super fake – like other companies tend to do with the flavorings!

I would say there is a tad more chocolate than chili…just what I was hoping for!  This is one of the best Chili/Chocolate combo’s in a tea I have tasted!

Nice Job – Rabbit Hole!

The BEST part?  You can still taste the black tea! Lovely!


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