Ancient Gold Organic Black Tea from Samovar

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Samovar

Product Description:

Gold-flecked tea from the tribe on Jingmai Mountain. Wild-crafted, 1,300 year-old trees deliver a smooth, fuzzy, malty brew of sweet ore. Brew once for balance. Brew twice to enter a dark forest.

Taster’s Review:

As I sip this tea, I think I have found a new favorite.  Now, mind you, I have many “favorites” – as my favorites tend to fluctuate depending upon my mood, the season of the year, and so on.  But, there are a treasured few teas that I consider FAVORITES – ones for which my love seldom waivers regardless of time or mood.

This tea has almost immediately (love at first sip) become one of those favorites.  It is so rich and smooth and well-rounded.  It is bold and has a malty tone to it that would rival some of the best Assam teas I’ve tried.  There is a delicious, deep flavor to this tea.  It is a toothsome tea with a baked-biscuity kind of character to it.  I get a bittersweet cocoa note and by about mid-cup, the sweetness develops into a fruit-like flavor. This is so amazingly good.

The sip begins with a hint of sweetness, and as the sip washes over the palate, a complex set of flavors comes to life:  deeply set flavors of chocolate with an earthiness in the background.  Around mid-sip, I notice hints of fruit, spice and wood.  The sip ends with a drying astringency and an aftertaste of sweet raisins.

I highly recommend this tea to any tea enthusiast – it is a MUST try.

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