Dong Ding Cui Yu Oolong – Competition Grade IV from Life in Teacup

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Life in Teacup

Product Description:

Production Region: Nantou County, Taiwan
Style: Traditional medium roast

Taster’s Review:

I love teas like this – ones that are full of mystery and intrigue.

The mystery begins with its welcoming aroma.  It is a lightly roasted scent with hints of a floral quality.  It’s very intriguing; beckoning me to sip.

The sip starts out with a light roasty-toasty taste.  What is so unique about this particular “roasty-toasty” Oolong is that that toasted flavor is delicate and doesn’t overwhelm the cup.  Instead, it is so light that it keeps me curious – did I just taste that?  And this curiosity keeps me sipping.

There is also a sweet vegetative taste to this Oolong that slowly evolves into more of a floral note.  Yet another subtle tone that keeps me wondering.

This particular Competition Grade appears to no longer be available on the Life in Teacup website, however, there are similar Oolongs that are available, and I highly recommend getting some before they sell out!

I prefer this tea hot, but it is alright iced too.  I have never been less than impressed with the teas I’ve received from Life in Teacup.  Their teas are always of utmost quality, and this tea is no exception.   This tea is delightful!

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